Arm Care/ Jaeger Band routine

Team Elite has always put a huge emphasis on arm-care development, conditioning, and the recuperation process. Several years ago, we implemented a very easy, time friendly and convenient Jaeger Band program with the high school age group. This emphasis on daily conditioning of the arm has been widely successful in teaching our players to properly care for their arms and understand the importance of the development and recuperation process.

The Jaeger Band exercise routine is designed to balance, strengthen & condition the rotator cuff and surrounding muscle groups and significantly aid with the recovery process on non-throwing days. We have included these exercises and the exercise schedule below, so parents and players have regular access to the schedules and routines to follow.

Through a partnership with Jaeger Bands, Team Elite is selling bands at a discounted rate. The total price for a youth or adult band is $30 and can be purchased HERE

Please note that while it is not mandatory to purchase a band and if you have one already then just use it. However, we strongly encourage that you get one to properly take part in this program to maximize your player’s strength, conditioning, recuperation process and overall arm-care health. Team Elite continues to place a huge premium on our player’s health and safety, and we believe this program is another great step in the right direction of doing so.