Player Enhancement

As a program, Team Elite has always strived to cover all areas at the highest level including the
area of "Development and Instruction" for all players.  To continue our growth in this area and
take it to a higher level, we have created the "Player Enhancement Group". 
The Player Enhancement Group encompasses all areas of development and exposure including
testing, evaluations, the TE app by Curve training, tryouts and TE practices. This division is run
under the management and leadership of Josh Owings, Josh Jones, Mike Bell and Matt Arietta.
Part of the Team Elite experience is that our 11u-14u teams will be receiving their metrics after
the initial testing phase of the evaluation. In addition, our player evaluations will continue
throughout the season and presented through an end of the year written evaluation.
To complete the evaluations, we have aligned our head coaches, assistant coaches, and the
player enhancement group staff to evaluate the players, work together to create a
comprehensive written evaluation report on strengths and areas of improvement with
suggested tasks to improve those areas. We are not aware of any program around that has
gone to this depth to help evaluate their travel teams' players and give "communication" from
the "full staff" and not just their "team coaches". 
Please keep an open mind regarding our assessment and evaluation. We are looking at the
future for all players and we want to do everything possible to help them achieve success in this
game.  Our staff truly cares about these young men and while we made a point to stress the
positives and strengths, we also strive to shoot the players straight in their areas of
improvement which we believe they need to get extra work.  Our goal is to help them succeed
and prepare them ultimately for the TE 15u-18u/high school teams and to eventually receive a
college scholarship.
On behalf of the Player Enhancement Group, we thank you and look forward to continued
development of the players.